Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving to or in Buffalo, NY... Read this 1st... save yourself from KISSLING INTEREST

I have been living in Buffalo for 4 1/2 months now and although my experience in the town and with the people have been great my living experience has been the worst in my life. I've been a renter since 1998. I have been friendly with all my landlords and supers. I have loved each of my apartments in some way and remember them all fondly.  I even have a really great reference letter from my place in D.C. and my place in Houston told me if I ever returned to make sure and give them a call. I can honestly say I am an ideal tenant. I pay on time. I keep a clean place and always leave my places move in ready. I can say all of this about myself without a doubt. I'm not trying to say I'm a perfect angel but I am by normal standards a great tenant.

In the 4 months I've had my Buffalo apartment I've received 2 late fees I am fighting and I have many complaints. Kissling I'm finding out quickly is a fee happy company. I can not let Kissling Interest go on with out issuing a formal complaint. I've never had to do that. This is not typical for me. I'm usually a grin and bare it type person but I can not let this one go. I have gathered reviews and I am posting them here in this blog so that I can maybe save someone else from what I am going through. Future Kissling Interest renters beware. Please keep reading.

No matter how great some of these properties are and some of them really are appealing DO NOT RENT FROM KISSLING INTERESTS  beware of what you will see on the Kissling Interest link below proceed with caution:

If you wish to rent from Kissling Interest PLEASE do your research. I have tried to make this process slightly easier for you by posting links to some of the reviews I find could be helpful to you.  Some may seem outdated but know that I back up these reviews and I am a current tenant:

Key quotes from the above review- "If you are not an absolutely perfect person and tenant, you will pay lots and lots and lots of extra money...I cleaned the apartment thoroughly when I left - it was cleaner than when I moved in, it was clean enough for someone else to move into immediately, it was spotless, and they still took $40 out of my security deposit, and if I want to contest it, I have to hire a lawyer."

Key quotes from the above review-  "We paid our rent every month ON TIME... and we got a bill saying we owed them $100 for late payments. I have had to call them to fight them more times than i can count." (Note: in this case Kissling Interests blamed this on a fired employee however in the 2 years since this review I can tell you nothing has changed)

The following review is hard to read because of the reviewers grammar but it has important points so I've included it:

Key quote from the above review- "Overall [these] people are very unprofessional, rude, [don't] perform a [good] job or service and I hate how every month I have to send them evidence of not having any balance pending cuz they are always saying you [owe] them something."

Also read the comments on the above review. You'll get more complaints and helpful info.

One key comments on the above reveiw-

"they don't answer the always get an answering machine"

Key quotes from the above reviews-  "unwarranted late fees on my rent"

and here is my 1st review of Kissling Interests. I may post this anywhere I can. Yes they have me that worked up and the more I read the more worked up I get:

Please know the power of the blog is strong and news travel. If you know anyone who is moving to Buffalo, NY or looking for a new place here in Buffalo please pass this blog on to them and save them some time, money, and pain.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Allentown Art Festival 2011

This festival takes place in the charming Allentown area of Buffalo, NY.  It covers several large blocks and has everything an art festival should offer. Admission is FREE but of course we know you can't leave a street festival without spending money.  I allowed myself to $45 to spend and I got a silver ring, fried mushrooms, a chicken pita, one chocolate chip cannoli, an 8 oz jar of local honey, a sour cream Italian cookie, and a super cute luggage tag. I was happy with every item I purchased and out of all the yummy food I ate the fried mushrooms impressed me the most. Thanks to this Festival I now have a great list of places to get future Christmas and occasion gifts for all my family and friends.

I was really impressed by this festival. The food was great, the traffic was controlled, the art selection was outstanding, and it featured artists and vendors from all over the country not just from Buffalo as I expected. I was amazed by the quality of work available. So many times you go to a festival that disappoints and yes there was tacky art and cheesy posters that you see everywhere but this festival raises the bar and covers all medias of art leather work, glass work, jewelry making, photography, watercolor, metal work, wood work etc.

This event is already on my calendar for next year. Attention all Artists and Crafters start planning to attend or better yet sell here next year.

My Favorite Vendors:

I stopped at a booth of delicate gold and silver handmade jewelry and they directed me to the following Buffalo, NY shop. Thanks to the Festival  I'll be sure to check out this local shop. This store is made up of 3 jewelry makers with 3 different styles. I'm glad I got to see their work in person because the website photos don't do justice to their work. I was most struck by the fresh water pearl pieces especially the comb I saw. Perfect for bridal day accessories.

I love old coins, jewelry, and silver. This artist combines all of those things. Her prices are reasonable and her design are simple.

Although most of this artist's pieces aren't my taste I really like her spin on the swallow and hummingbird craze in jewelry as seen in this photo from her website.

If I had a cottage or a country house or a rustic dwelling of any kind I would decorate shabby chic/cottage style/french country. I love the idea of using old hardware, moldings, and woodwork as wall art. I've been looking for the perfect key holder and this one as seen on this artists website caught my eye and they also have interesting whimsical pieces made from architectural pieces.

Here is proof that you can get great quality real wood furniture that will last you a life time at the same price or near the same price of a pressed piece from Ikea or Target. Buy yourself a great classic piece of furniture that is going to last forever and live with you in any place you call home. It's worth it. Some of this furniture isn't my style but also remember before you buy that piece of pressed partical board local artists and furniture makers will often make pieces to order for just a little more than a cookie cutter mass produced piece you can buy off the shelf of a Super Center. You aren't limited to what's in stock when you buy from a local artist.

I include this artist because copper is my favorite metal and knowing what I know about copper I can't help but giggle and think hmmmm do they really only use heat or do they pee a little too. (I'm not explaining that one but anyone who has worked with copper before well they get it.) Not to degrade the artist because some of these pieces are truly beautiful.

I can't pass up a beauty product. Olive oil soap is another favorite of mine. These hand crafters make great gifts.

For More info visit:

Friday, May 27, 2011

What a Steal !?!

DO NOT SHOP AT URBAN OUTFITTERS- What a rip off and I'm not just talking about the bad quality and overpriced clothing.

It's hard enough making ends meet these days. It's especially tougher when corporations like Urban Outfitters steal ideas from young independent designers. People like me in times like these are trying to make money any way possible. One way young artists are making money is by selling their handmade local art on sites like Etsy. Unfortunately companies like Urban Outfitters and it's affiliate companies have seen the potential and are cashing in too. Please read the following and stop shopping at Urban Outfitters. If you can't help by buying from us then at least stop buying from them.

Please support people like us:

You can help your favorite local artists by clicking on their sites and Etsy shops and posting them on your FB pages. Word of mouth is powerful.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blog, blog, blog..

I have no idea what this is all about but like everything else in my life I'm sure I'll figure it out.